Job and Business Services (JBS)

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Project title

Job and Business Services (JBS)

100 participants were mobilized and trained to improve their businesses. Participatory methods and creative tools were employed throughout the training to facilitate learning on improve your business topics and other relevant contents.

The training provided practical guidance on how participants can manage and grow their businesses through, record keeping, customer care, sharing challenges faced, and trend analysis for business improvement, financial management, and marketing of products.

Entrepreneurship training has been offered to 41 current trainees. The training has been integrated into the period for skills training. This is because a continuous approach offers more time and learning that can trigger mindset change.

Current trainees undergo entrepreneurship trainings every Monday of every week during the period of their skills training. The following topics as been handled by JBS officer:

  1. Concept of entrepreneurship
  2. Who is an entrepreneur
  3. Qualities of entrepreneur
  4. Environmental scan
  5. Finding new market.