Food and Nutrition Security (FNS)

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Food and Nutrition Security (FNS)

280 farmers were trained on agronomy for the three seeds (beans, groundnuts and seso 1 sorghum). 182 farmers representing 65% of the total beneficiaries are females while 98 farmers with a percentage of 35% are males.

803 farmers were supported with farm inputs (farm tools and seeds) to boost their agricultural production. Each farmer got 8 kgs of groundnut seeds, 8 kgs of bean seeds and 5 kgs of seso 1 sorghum seeds. In addition to that each farmer was also supported with 1 hand hoe and 1 panga.

116 small scale commercial farmers were registered and got the assorted commercial seeds (soya bean, sunflower and white sila sorghum)on loans. Out of the 116 farmers registered, 65 were males and 51 were females.